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A passion is something which each and every indiviual will have in his/her life. A life without passion is like a fish struglling to servive in an empty pond.

During my childhood life, I was always fond of drwaing, designing, painting , playing with colors and much more. So I was living in the world of colors. I have also won couple of prizes in many drawing competations. I carried on with it as i grew up, my skills of playing with colors become much more acurate and professional.

In my early stages of bachelors, I had this passion to know how this whole colorful world of Internet works and I decided that, I will be in the field of internet, so i have chossen web development as my carrer, were I will get more chances to play with more colors.

Along with this i have passion for Bikes, Cars, Collecting old coins from various countries, reading some excellent acedemic articles and Reading autobiography of great people. All these were like part of my day to day life. Last but not least I wnat to go for world tour.


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