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Every creature in this world have their own goals some of them acheive it and some may not be, A bird in a nest have goal that what will be his next pray for tomarrow.A traveller will have a goal of what will be his next destination. So I too have few goals setup in my small brian for these big world.

My biggest dream and goal of my life is, I want to be an Entrepreneur. I would always like to be in driving seat, when it comes to driving my car or to have my own organization i want things to move and happen on my decsion.

I have a big plans to setup a Software and Web development company called SANS INFOTECH PVT Ltd (www.sansinfotech.com) which provide solutions in web development, mobile development and software development.Along with a BPO service company to provide Services to all major brands in the world.

Finally, i have couple of amazing ideas, which is very unique and no one have started it yet. If i am correct and give go on those ideas, i am sure enough that i will be earning in millions.

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