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Skills are like a super powers which will measure the talent of a person. Each Indiviual in this world as their own unique skills which separate them from others. I too have several skills which separates me from other people, I am like a combo meal pack, yes dont be paniced, what I mean to say is that, I am strong in both Technical and Managment skills.

Software programming Skills

  Core Java Programming    Good
  Advamce Java - J2EE Web Development    Good
  SQL Database Management    Good

Web Technologies

   HTML, HTML5   Expert
  CSS, CSS3   Expert
  JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, XML    Good
  Advanced Java Programming    Good
  Core PHP Programming    Good
  Manual Website Testing    Expert

Software Tools

   Adobe Dreamwever   Expert
   Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6   Expert
   Adobe WireFrames   Expert
   Adobe Flash, Swish Max    Good
   NetBeans IDE 7.1, Eclipse    Good
   FTP, WinScp    Good

Management Tools

  Prince 2 Methodology   Good
  Project Documentation using SmartDraw Tools    Good

Online Marketing

  Email marketing, SMS Marketing   Good
  Affliate Marketing    Good
  SEO, SMO and SME Marketing    Good

Online Marketing Tools

  Google Adwords, Adsense and Webmaster Tools   Good
  SEO MOZ and CRAZY EGG   Good

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